Types of Grapes Used in Our Wines

Malbec as dark purple in color with aromas of damsons, tobacco, garlic, and raisin. The wines tend to have juicy fruit notes with violet aromas

Tempranillo wines are ruby red in color, while aromas and flavours can include berries, plum, tobacco, vanilla, leather and herb

Viognier wines are well known for their floral aromas, and terpenes. There are also many other powerful flower and fruit aromas which can be perceived in these wines.

Petite Sirah produces dark, inky colored bouquet wines that are relatively acidic, with firm texture and mouth feel; the bouquet has herbal and black pepper overtones, and typically offers flavors of blue fruit, black fruit, plums, and especially blueberries

Sangiovese has fresh fruity flavours of strawberry and a little spiciness, but it readily takes on oaky, even tarry, flavors when aged in barrels. Sangiovese often has a flavour profile of sour red cherries with earthy aromas and tea leaf notes. Wines made from Sangiovese usually have medium-plus tannins and high acidity.

Malvasia bianca which is characterized by its deep color, noted aromas and the presence of some residual sugar. Malvasia wines are characterized by their heavy body that is often described as “round” or “fat” and soft texture in the mouth. Common aroma notes associated with Malvasia include peaches, apricots and white currants.


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